Wynonna Judd opts of of SeaWorld appearance; Kid Rock, Alan Jackson to play

At least 11 musical acts have pulled out of a concert series at SeaWorld following CNN’s airing of the documentary “Blackfish,” and singer Wynonna Judd is winning raves from followers for reportedly turning down a lucrative offer to perform.

“Blackfish” tells the story of Tilikum, an orca that killed SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010.

Kid Rock and Alan Jackson are two acts who have chosen not to drop out and are scheduled to play SeaWorld Orlando this weekend. Judd asks to be left out of that battle, however.


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You’ve got fail: Fed Obamacare website Alexa ranking says it all

Wow, what a resounding success!

Sigh. The Alexa ranking for healthcare.gov is causing some well-deserved snickering.

Bam! That’s right. As Twitchy readers know, it is being reported that the federal Obamacare website cost in excess of $600 $93.7 million. The utter failure of a website, which is full of massive glitches and continuing errors.

Iowahawk does it again and says it all in one tweet:



O-Care ouch! ‘Beating your nads’: Iowahawk, others painfully nutshell cost of Fed 404Care website

Full Twitchy coverage of Obamacare

Editor’s note: This post has been updated to revise the estimated cost of the HealthCare.gov website

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Report: Shooting at Purdue University, shelter in place; Update: Suspect in custody

The shooting reportedly happened at the electrical engineering building on campus.


We will continue to monitor this situation and update with developments.



A student sent this tweet:

We hope no one is hurt and that everyone is safe.


Bradie Vaubel, a Purdue student, has been tweeting about the situation:


From a Purdue Twitter account:


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Chris Hayes’ question about ‘right-wing’ reaction to Bergdahl shredded

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes got out his straw man today. There’s barely even any straw in this one, but he tried anyway:

Hayes is conveniently leaving a few things out isn’t he?

Yes he is:

. @chrislhayes why don't you start a
acrostic? Your followers will love that more than lying about GOP— Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) June 02, 2014

@chrislhayes Twisted view, CH.
So, NO, not correct. He gave up being "soldier" when he abandoned.
But terrorists aren't "Enemy combatants"— Sandy (@RightGlockMom) June 02, 2014

'Left behind", @chrislhayes?
HE walked away from his post.
HE seeked out the enemy for comfort.
HE violated his oath.
HE'S a traitor….— Danger Saltine (@MarineReconDad) June 02, 2014


In order for Hayes to make his “argument” work he has to pretend not to know the entire story and misrepresent the position of those he disagrees with. Perfect MSNBC “journalist.”

A bit of unfortunate truth for Hayes from Katie Pavlich and others:

Hayes of course didn’t hear only criticism though.

Here’s sampling of those who agreed with Hayes. Put on your waders, plug your nose and walk in slowly:


Consider those last eight tweets auditions for MSNBC hosting gigs.


Editor’s note: The final sentence was changed to correct a grammatical error.

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